Newborn Portraits | Alexander

 On-Location, In-home newborn baby portrait. One month old Alexander.

Oh I can’t even tell you how much I love photographing babies! This little guy is just that – a tiny little baby boy! At only 5 1/2 lbs, Alexander is a tiny ball of strength and so much personality.

Like so many of our baby portraits, we visited his family at their house for this in-home, on-location family/baby portrait session. Despite being right at home, literally, this little guy was way too excited about his first photoshoot to sleep. He was wide awake and hanging out with us during the session!

Sawyer | puppy dreaming


Just like the rest of us, Sawyer is dreaming of warmer weather and sunshine.

Casco Bay Bridge | Portland Panoramic

Casco Bay Bridge looking toward South Portland, Maine. © HAL Photography / Heather A Laverriere

Casco Bay Bridge, South Portland, Maine. © HAL Photography / Heather A Laverriere

One of my favorite spots to not only see the sun rise, but to also see these gorgeous winter skies. This panoramic landscape is taken on the Casco Bay Bridge in Portland, Maine. The city of Portland is on the right side of the image while the left side is looking toward South Portland.

This is one of my favorite Maine panoramic photographs, and guess what? It can be yours, too! Drop me an email, and we can talk about where and how you want to display your new Portland panoramic!

ella | six months old

ella | six months old | black & white portrait

ella | six months old | black & white portrait

Miss Ella and her parents stopped by the studio for her six month old baby portrait. I was eagerly anticipating the arrival of Ella, after capturing her parent’s maternity photos last year at Kettle Cove Beach in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. See the blog post of portraits from our maternity session here!

Baby & Daddy portrait - love their expressions!

Baby & Daddy portrait – love their expressions!

Baby & Mom baby portrait - such happy smiles!

Baby & Mom baby portrait – such happy smiles!

During out baby and family portrait session, we captured mommy & baby time and daddy & baby time photos. I love the portrait of Ella mimicking her dad’s face as her holds her out in front of him. Her eyes are glued to him! With her mommy, the smiles on both of them just made my day. Here’s one final shot of little Ella during her six-month baby portrait in our on-location southern maine portrait studio. This girl loves to laugh!

Ella | six months old and amazing

Ella | six months old and amazing

Thanks to Ella and her parents for another great photoshoot!  I look forward to the next time we catch up – this summer when she’s off and running down the beaches of maine.


Thinking about booking your own family or baby portrait with HAL Photography? Winter, fall, spring or summer, our on-location portable studio is the perfect way to capture your milestone moments in the comfort of your home. Email to get started!

Non-Strapless Dresses

I read Buzzfeed fairly often, but it’s not everyday I come across an article that crosses the divide between my photography business and the “top ten” articles Buzzfeed publishes. Don’t get me wrong, I read them all for a reason, they brighten my day and make me laugh out loud. It’s just extra special when I can share one with you which applies well.


52 Wedding Dresses that aren’t Strapless by Buzzfeed

Here’s the thing about wedding dresses and brides. Every body is created differently. Strapless dresses are just one of the many gorgeous wedding dress options out there. One thing to note is strapless dresses have a tendency to sometimes slide down, especially during the bouncier songs (Journey, “Don’t Stop Believing,” for instance). Find a dress that works for you, not that works for the model posing in it. You will be so much happier to be comfortable and worry-free about what you are wearing (except spilling red wine on it, maybe – stick to white), and will in turn enjoy the unbelievable day that much more.

Here is the link to Buzzfeed’s 52 Dresses that aren’t Strapless. Do you have a favorite? If so, please tell me!

Winter Engagement Portraits in the Park

Date: February 2014

Location: Deering Oaks Park, Portland, Maine, USA

Temperature: Hovering around 29-30 degrees F (not cold enough to melt ice)

Why: For the celebration of my two friends, Amy & Jonno on their engagement!

Winter Engagement couple photoshoot. Deering Oaks Park, Portland Maine.

Jonno and Amy are one of the most creative, artistic, and fun-loving couples I have ever met. She is a free-spirit to the max and he is an absolutely lovable Australian with a heart of gold. Because they are one of my craziest-coolest couples ever, they asked if they could don an Aussie kangaroo costume and a ball gown. Who am I to say no? Bright/bold colors against the white snow of Deering Oaks Park in February? Heck, yeah! Let’s do it!

Costumes and fun in winter at Deering Oaks Park, Portland Maine. Costumes and Fun in Deering Oaks Park Portland Maine

This photoshoot was hilarious, fun, slightly freezing cold, and all together, amazing. I am so utterly excited for my two friends to spend the rest of their lives together. It’s not every day you meet a couple as compatible and crazy-in-love as these two. Congratulations on the engagement of Amy & Jonno! Thank you for allowing me to capture a bit of the love you share in your very special and fantastic way.



York High School Reunion Photobooth

York High School celebrated their 10 year reunion in Wells, Maine. We setup HAL Photography Photobooth Snapshots open-air photobooth in the corner of the room, brought out a few props and the fun began! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love photographing events using the photobooth. Standing in front of the camera with a prop on your head and friends next to you can bring out the best smiles and laughter!

York High School Photobooth Snapshots - HAL Photography

York High School Photobooth Snapshots - HAL Photography

York High School Photobooth Snapshots - HAL Photography

Mustaches, hats, crowns, and tiaras, it’s all fun with the Photobooth Snapshots props. What are you waiting for? Bring out your inner personality at your next event. Birthday party, high school reunion, holiday party, family get together, company function – you name it – photobooth snapshots can be there capturing great moments!

Cam & Fam

Mom, Dad & Cam

Southern Maine Family Portraits

This is a very special family to me. Not only is this the second time I capture Cam growing up, but I also had the pleasure of photographing his parent’s wedding a few years ago!

Cam is all boy – he is running around, exploring every rock and pine cone around, and just the happiest kid! At 17 months old, Cam loves the park and everything that comes with it. During our family photoshoot, we started in their backyard, then went over to the park for some slide and swing time.

Thank you very much to Cam and his family for allowing me to continue to capture moments in their lives together. Thanks for being a supporter of HAL Photography!

Molly & Joe

Molly & Joe | Engagement Portraits

Maine Engagement Photos

I met Molly over a year ago and when I heard she and Joe were engaged, I could not have been happier! Molly & Joe are the cutest couple, having known each other forever, they naturally look like they belong together. Our Engagement Portraits started at Deering Oaks Park in downtown Portland and then we moved over to East End Beach to catch the sunset. They were just absolutely adorable together. We had so much fun at our session it lasted all the way past sunset! I think the silhouette engagement photo above is one of my favorites.

Thanks again to Molly & Joe and congratulations on your engagement!

oliver turns one

Oliver turns one!

Maine Baby Portraits

This little cutie turned one in September.

Some of Oli’s current loves are: mohawks, grapes, patty-cake, blocks on his head, and reading touch-and-feel books. When he smiles,  you can’t help but return the gesture. And his laugh…oh it’s just absolutely the best! I am so excited to watch you grow and learn, Oli!