Happy New Year from HAL Photography

Happy New Year and Happy Holidays. Peace, joy, and happiness from HAL Photography.

peace – joy – happiness 

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year from HAL Photography. I am truly thankful to every one of my fantastic photo peeps (aka clients) for being so fabulous!

I look forward to discovering a new fun photograph every year to use to create my photo holiday cards.  This shot is of Old Orchard Beach, Maine during sunset in the winter snow.  I’m going to be honest, the silhouette of the dogs walking on the beach made me smile. I love Maine beaches during the winter – so peaceful and quiet. Nothing but the sound of the waves against the sand.

I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2015! Enjoy all the happiness this year can bring.

- heather | hal photography

Maine Fall Family Portraits are back!

Maine Fall Family Portrait Photographer

It’s that time of year again! Yes, running through the leaves IS just as fun as you remember! Let’s capture the happiness. HAL Photography is booking sessions for outdoor fall family portraits! I’m going to be honest with you, September, October, and November are my favorite time of year for family photos. Why? The lighting (late golden sunshine), the weather (sweaters, jeans, and all those comfy clothes!), and the colors, oh the colors! Red, yellow, orange, green, such wonderful warm foliage colors make up autumn portrait photography in Maine and New England.

Wait, summer is almost done? Noooo! Don’t worry, you will be happy to hear that I am one of the last people to wish summer to end. Summer is still here, and it’s not going out without a final show of all it’s got! 80 degrees and sunshine all week. Wow, what a week! But…some say it will come to an end, I’m not saying who (ahem, Farmers Almanac),  so I suppose we shall prepare for the next season of beauty in Maine. Let’s do it, let’s capture the fun and happiness!

Contact Heather anytime to book your appointment, 2o7.59o.  o571  or heather @ halphotography.com.

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PS. Yes, I will totally photograph you jumping into the pile of leaves before the kids do. Because yes, it really is that much fun!

behind the scenes of a family portrait photoshoot

HAL Photography; Heather A Laverriere Photographer; Cape Elizabeth Maine Family Photographers; On-Location Destination Group Photos

‪Two year olds can be unpredictable, fun, and absolutely amazing.
Capturing real life between the moments during a session. It’s just one of the things that we love to do as family portrait photographers.


ella | one year old portraits

Miss E - One Year Old | HAL Photography Maine Portrait Photographer | Gisland Farm, Falmouth, Maine

sneak peek: ella | one year old!
Gorgeous lighting during our family portrait photoshoot with this happy girl last night at Gisland Farm in Falmouth, Maine.

HAL Photography
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HAL Photography, maine portrait family photographer, has a few slots left for summer family portraits. Drop an email today!

Family Portrait | York, Maine

The C family invited me (HAL Photography) to their home overlooking the water in York, Maine to capture their family on their son Lucas’s first birthday.

York Maine, On-Location Family Portrait Photographer. Outdoor photography captured on the coast of Maine.HAL Photography. www.halphotography.com #capturinghappiness #capturingmaine #halphotography

A few things to know about this little guy.

1) He is a very handsome little guy- those blue eyes are the real thing my friends. And his personality is just as sweet as that face!

2)  His latest accomplishment was walking. Having just mastered it a few weeks ago (and the stairs a few days before the party), he was on the go and loving life with his new found freedom!

3) He is a big fan of showing me how he really feels about this whole Family Portrait Photographer idea. Please see above for reference. He’s such an adorable little guy!

York Maine, On-Location Family Portrait Photographer. Outdoor photography captured on the coast of Maine.HAL Photography. www.halphotography.com #capturinghappiness #capturingmaine #halphotography

Thank you to the C family for inviting HAL Photography to your home to capture your family and the precious moment’s of Lucas’s 365th day in this world. What a great afternoon it was!

HAL Photography


bug light | maine lighthouse

Beautiful dusk capture of Bug Lighthouse, Portland Breakwater Light, Maine. Captured by HAL Photography. www.halphotography.com #capturinghappiness #capturingmaine #halphotography

Maine Lighthouse: Bug Light, captured by HAL Photography

One of the many reasons I love to capture maine, especially at dusk.

Just a tiny little lighthouse on the rocky maine coast, Portland Breakwater Lighthouse, or “Bug Light” as it has been nicknamed, can be a calm, peaceful retreat from the summer activity of it’s neighbor to the north, Portland Headlight. Overlooking Fort Gorges, situated across the Casco bay from the Old Port section of Portland, Bug Light is one of my favorite lighthouses Maine has to offer. Take a walk or run down the Greenbelt Trail in South Portland and you’ll find it (if you head toward the water, that is!)

Keep on doing what you’re doing, maine. (As long as it includes temps over 40 in June!)


HAL Photography

Fall Family Portrait | The Duffin Crew

Fun Fall Family Portraits playing outside in the leaves. #capturinghappiness of brothers playing in the leaves on location at their home.

Fun Fall Family Portraits playing outside in the leaves!

Duffin Crew, On-Location Family Portraits

Can I just tell you what amazingly fantastic photography clients I have? I don’t even like using the word “client” because they feel more like family and friends whom I hang out with for a while with a camera in tow. One of these fantastic families is the Duffins!

These two fun boys have been making me laugh for years. This past fall, I headed down to their home to photograph this crew. I love being an on-location photographer and having the luxury of photographing families at their homes. Since it was fall portrait season, the boys and their parents raked up a pile of leaves to jump in – which totally allowed me to capture some great candid, in-the-moment lifestyle photos.

It can be tricky to capture a 1 year old baby or a 3 year old toddler posing for the camera – especially when their are leaves involved – which is why I love to capture the happiness as it happens. The expressions on their faces in the bottom photo is one of complete joy. I am not going to lie, they may have asked me to take a run and jump in the pile after they ran out, and I may just have done it!

- heather

HAL Photography #capturinghappiness

Luke & Breanne | Maine Backyard Wedding

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding

Luke and Breanne were married on September 14th at the picturesque backyard of Breanne’s uncle’s home, Trott Farm in Gardiner, Maine. The rain, which had gone on for days before, broke just in time for their big day. The sun warmed the guests while watching the outdoor ceremony and the evening air helped cool everyone down during the dancing portion of the evening.

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding

How they make their wedding their own: Luke & Breanee’s wedding was undeniably a true Maine outdoor, backyard, white-tent wedding in so many incredible ways. But what’s more – Luke and Breanne figured out how to make this wedding their very own without breaking the bank, but while still making it look fabulous. Let’s just start with the fantastic homemade DIY bride & groom wedding road signs (created by the groom, Luke) helping the guests (and me!) reach the wedding destination. The sign above is one of many road signs posted along the way.

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding Ceremony and ReceptionIt just takes some creativity and a few helpful resources from friends and family. One of my favorite parts of their wedding day was seeing (and capturing) Luke & Breanne’s unbelievable Do It Yourself resourcefulness and creativity.  To this day I am still talking about all of the amazing detailsfrom the handmade chalkboard wedding guest signs, hand-stamped flower seed packets for guest’s wedding favors, glass Ball mason jars adorned with markable paper name tag labelsto all of the other many personal touches the couple added to make this wedding their very own.

Wedding Reception Place Settings - Family donated dishes, plates and mason ball jars

Beyond the homemade signs and labels, the bride Breanne also did something I have never seen before at a wedding. She asked family and friends for unused plates, silverware, and Ball mason jars. Most of the items came from the farmhouse on the property, which contained many collections from the generations of family who have lived there, while other items were generously loaned from friends and family to create one of the most colorful and amazing table layouts I have seen. Mismatched yet complimentary, full of color and design, wedding table settings of napkins and plates were placed on white table linens, giving each setting it’s own unique personality.

Guests mark their own ball mason jar with a sharpie, personalizing their drinking vessel for the entire wedding.

“Mark your glass!” This was absolutely fantastic. Talk about having an environmentally-friendly green wedding! The mason jars especially, I have been recommending to so many clients, friends, and family. It’s like a solo cup with a sharpie except much, much better. What a great way to not confuse glasses and save – especially for an outdoor backyard DIY wedding.

Maine backyard farmhouse barn wedding ceremony.

So we will (finally) jump from the impeccable wedding details to the gorgeous Maine outdoor backyard wedding ceremony. Standing in a field, surrounded by tall Maine trees, their wedding ceremony was about as picturesque green Maine as you could imagine. Friends and family gathered in white folded chairs and watched through laughter and tears as the new couple exchanged their vows.

Wedding Portraits in an outdoor backyard inland Maine farm wedding. Tractors included.

Formal wedding portraits at sunset of the bride, groom and dog during their outdoor backyard Maine wedding ceremony and reception.

We enjoyed some fantastic late afternoon lighting after the wedding ceremony and captured some shots with Luke, Breanne and their puppy in the backyard of the Maine farmhouse.

Guests sign a photo picture frame with Patrick Swayze inside.

Honestly, I am at a loss for words when it comes to the “guest book” that was a framed photo of Patrick Swayze. Wedding guests were quite delighted when instead of seeing a frame-matted photo of the bride and groom to sign, they instead were treated to write a message on the matte-framed photo of the Dirty Dancing star. (Yes, Mr. Swayze is just temporary holding the space until a wedding day portrait takes his place.)  I don’t know how anyone (over the age of 30) wasn’t humming, “I had the time of my life…” when signing this bad boy!

On-Location Wedding Photobooth! When Luke & Breanne added the on-location outdoor HAL Photography Photobooth Snapshots to their wedding day, they were happily surprised to see what crazy/fun photos resulted from the open-air photo booth. My second shooter, Will (thanks, Will!), captured the spontaneous, hilariously funny, and sweet poses of the wedding guests (and bride & groom) rocking out with smiles, photobooth prop masks, and of course fake mustaches!

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding Photobooth

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the photo booth has an astonishing way of capturing one’s inner fun personality. Some guests who may sometimes shy away from a direct capture by the photographer will end up being a part of the most amazing photos in the photobooth. Let’s be honest, it can be pretty sweet to take multiple shots in a row with all different facial expressions while donning a mustache. ;)

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding

The dinner and reception was held under the tent and included a pot-luck style of homemade food donated by friends and family. Tell me these two do not have the coolest “framily” ever! There were not many dry eyes to be found or smiles and laughter not heard during the celebration and speeches.
Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding

The Bob Band, which includes four veteran musicians and long-time fans of living legend Bob Dylan, recreated the vibe & spirit of America’s greatest singer/songwriter all evening long. Dancing, laughter, and happiness were had by all. One very special moment came when we were treated to a very special guest – Luke – who picked up the guitar and sang a song for his new bride. It was pretty fantastic, I’m not going to lie.

CAKE! Who can forget the cake? Not me. Instead of the traditional wedding dessert cake, Luke and Breanne again used their incredible resources to reach out to their friend at Two Fat Cats Bakery in Portland, Maine. And oh did she come through. Pictured below are only three of the eight, that’s right EIGHT mini wedding cakes of the evening. I have more photos of each cake, but I didn’t want the entire post to be taken over by cake photos… And it wouldn’t be too hard to do!  Seriously, these cakes looked and tasted fantastic. Feel free to email me for more photos of the scrumptious homemade cakes!

Outdoor Maine Backyard Tent Wedding

As the moon rose and the sun set behind the vast treeline of western Maine mountains, I had the chance to appreciate the infinite amount of beauty that surrounds us in the state of Maine. This is one of my favorite reasons why so many couples choose to have Maine Weddings (destination or local) – the views are totally worth it.

Breanne and Luke - Maine Outdoor Backyard Wedding Night Photo of Outdoor Tent Reception under the stars in Western Maine.

Luke and Breanne – Congratulations on your fantastic wedding day. Your (DIY) wedding day was a representation of the two of you and it shined through in all the details – from the table settings, Ball jars, homemade signs, custom “wedding day” microbrew beer, to the colorful place settings and silverware borrowed from friends and family. Your day was amazing and I thank you for letting HAL Photography capture your wedding day happiness.

A huge thank you goes out to my second shooter, Will Wohler, who not only rocked the photobooth, but also captured many amazing shots. Thanks, Will!


HAL Photography
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Baby Maks | photoshoot two weeks old

HAL Photography On-Location Two-Week Old Baby Portrait

Two-week-old baby portraits of Maks.

Maks is two weeks old!

Last weekend I traveled down to Maks’ home in southern New England to photograph two-week old baby portraits of this little guy! It was so much fun. He was quite intrigued by the experience – his first official (other than a few photos at the hospital) photography portrait session. Lucky for us (and him) he was a fantastic sport and just did his own thing while I photographed all the ways that make Maks – Maks. One great part is that we captured his newborn portraits on-location, right in his home, so he didn’t even have to leave the comfort of his own living room.

On another note, can we just discuss picture of him above in the blue and white striped “stocking” hat? It looks like he’s winking at us with some sort of  ”here’s looking at you, kid” facial expression! Well maybe, that’s just my interpretation, but I’m going to roll with it ;-) And look at his face in the photo on the right – arms crossed with that serene, peaceful look on his face. He’s already thinking so much about this great world he’s now a part of.

HAL Photography Newborn Portrait Photography

Maks during his newborn photoshoot, dressed his his lobster outfit and hat. Love it!

And now I leave you with one of my favorite, if not my all-time favorite, newborn outfits I have photographed. Maks totally rocks the lobster outfit his grandmother, Mimi brought for him. I can’t even get over the lobster hat on his little head. He was so content snuggled up in his warm little lobster-getup while we captured his photo session. Oh and yes, I just had to photograph more portraits of his little baby toes!

Keep up the happiness, little guy!

- Heather

HAL Photography
fun, laughter, tears

Newborn Baby Maks | First Photoshoot Ever!

HAL Photography NewbornGenerations (Small)

Welcome to the world, Maks!

In early April, we heard the news and traveled to the hospital to meet the newest arrival and capture a newborn in-hospital photo of Maks meeting his great-grandmother for the first time. She was so excited to meet him!

This happy little guy and his new parents, J & C are doing great! He isn’t just the first baby in his family, but he’s also the first grandchild and the first great-grandchild on his mom’s side. He’s a pretty big deal ;-) The image above is a generational photo with Maks in the arms of his great-grandmother, Memere (french for grandmother) on the day he was born.

HAL Photography Newborn Hospital Portrait

I just love to capture photos of newborn baby toes! More to come of this little guy, for sure!


HAL Photography
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